Charanga Secondary

Charanga Secondary can make a big difference to what students can achieve musically.

  • Interactive teaching resources to enhance your school’s music curriculum
  • An integrated online music studio and app suite to support students’ creative work
  • Online workspaces to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom

Complimentary access – fully subsidised by Devon and Torbay Music Education Hubs

Devon and Torbay Music Education Hubs fully subsidises your access to Charanga Secondary. Sign up for free today and discover how the programme can transform your curriculum.

Premium modules

Options are provided for students aged 11–14. Some offer a fresh take on a familiar theme, while others are forward-looking with a nod to more online learning. You can personalise them for your needs.

Music and the Modern World

Six interactive units linked to popular curriculum themes, which you can use independently or combine with your own resources. Each unit offers teaching and learning support, including guided listening activities.

VIP Studio Sessions

A new version of our award-winning programme exploring contemporary genres, music technology and production. Students work through a series of video tutorials to learn how to compose and hone their work using Charanga’s YuStudio DAW.

Mark De Lisser

Everyone Can Sing with Mark De‑Lisser

A new concept in secondary school singing, designed and presented by the inspirational Mark De-Lisser, one of the UK’s leading vocal coaches, choral arrangers and conductors.

Working with you

Charanga Secondary makes using music tech in the classroom simpler and more accessible so that more of your students can benefit from it.

The Charanga platform

Charanga is a dedicated learning platform for music, enabling you to manage and share personalised projects, lessons and apps that your students can access anywhere.


Catering for novices and more experienced users, YuStudio, Charanga’s full-featured DAW (digital audio workstation), can be used by students in many forms of music-making. It’s safe and secure, and pupils can create, save and share their work with you. Expert video tutorials will get you up and running with it quickly.

The library

Access a treasure chest of resources with everything from a complete programme for beginner wind bands to creative classroom apps and bespoke projects for special needs students. Use them independently or combine them with your own resources.

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